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It was a celebration for the board exam passers from the Bolo’s Clan. We eat, dance, sing, drunk and of course, a camera whore! It was  really, really a blast celebration with my cousins! 😉

I got a teary eye with the amazing answer of this child 😐 Credits to the owner.

Big drawing paper. Several huge notebooks.Brain-whacking problems. Gazillion of numbers. Numerous equations. Struggling calculator. Thick books of formulas. Rushing late night work. Endless math problems. Critical planning. Toxic lifestyle. Constant lack of sleep. 3.0 cut-off grade. Nosebleed exams. Heart stopping results. People call it “ENGINEERING”. We call it, “LIFE” 🙂

Eight (8) Rules to have a Better Life
1. Never Hate
2. Don’t Worry
3. Live Simply
4. Expect a Little
5. Give a Lot
6. Always Smile
7. Live with Love
8. Best of all, Be with GOD

This blog is not really new – I deleted all the ‘old’ post and make some new. And this is the new post! 🙂 I’ll not update this everyday, it depends with my mood. Understood? *__*

This is made possible because I was inspired by my friends – Romeo Nicolas Bonsocan, Fretz Villanueva and some Computer Studies students in our school 🙂

This is an Online Diary made by Karr. 7-teen years breathing. An amateur Civil Engineering student of Cebu Institute of Technology - University. A Typical Frank and Joker earthling that lives somewhere in the Queen City of the South - Cebu!

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