Nokia C3/Blackberry Phone : Oh Yeah! I’m hoping I can buy the Nokia C3 phone this Christmas. I really want this phone. Swear! Blackberry Phone – too expensive! But it’ll be appreciated if someone will give me this one 🙂

Mermollie Ink Shirt : At first, I’m not fascinated with this shirt. But now, Geez, I want to have one! They’re superb cool. You can check there shirts here.

Spongebob Collectibles : Any collectibles. But I want a big Patrick stuff toy 🙂

Eiffel Tower Notebook : I want this. I always look this when I’ll go to National Bookstore but I failed. I can’t find one 😐

Custom Art Shoes : All I need is a plain white shoes and a Php600 for the labor. I want a spongebob customize shoe. I want. I want. I want badly.