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Four years ago
We were standing here
Confused and all alone
Too shy to say hi to anyone
We’d have to do it on our own
The days went by
One by one
We got to know each other well
With all the work and jobs to do
It made our lives a living hell

Before we knew it a year was gone
We only had three more left
Let’s make these years the best damn years
Ones we’ll never forget

Our second year
We were better off
We were no longer freshmen
Getting into relationships
And saying “I love you” too often
We got involved and opened up
And made some more new friends
Friends we could rely on
To be there ’til the end

Before we knew it two years were gone
We only had two more left
Let’s make these years the best damn years
Ones we’ll never forget

Our junior year
We were more grown up
Becoming young adults
Not acting as immature
And learning from our faults
By now our bonds were strong enough
To call ourselves family
A family that we knew so well
One we never thought we’d be

Before we knew it three years were gone
We only had one more left
Let’s make this year the best damn year
One we’ll never forget

The final year
Went by so fast
At first we never thought it would end
At graduation, saying goodbye
To those we know as friends
Heading to college with many fears
We don’t know what to expect
But I will never forget these years
So now let us reflect…

And as we go on
We remember
All the times we
Had together
And as our lives change
From whatever
We will still be
Friends Forever.

This is an Online Diary made by Karr. 7-teen years breathing. An amateur Civil Engineering student of Cebu Institute of Technology - University. A Typical Frank and Joker earthling that lives somewhere in the Queen City of the South - Cebu!

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