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After our Departmental Exam in NSTP, we went to SM Cebu City to have a Picture City Experience last December 19, 2010 with Eunice, Princess and Raymund. It was a fun studio shoot with them! Thanks Guys 🙂

Nokia C3/Blackberry Phone : Oh Yeah! I’m hoping I can buy the Nokia C3 phone this Christmas. I really want this phone. Swear! Blackberry Phone – too expensive! But it’ll be appreciated if someone will give me this one 🙂

Mermollie Ink Shirt : At first, I’m not fascinated with this shirt. But now, Geez, I want to have one! They’re superb cool. You can check there shirts here.

Spongebob Collectibles : Any collectibles. But I want a big Patrick stuff toy 🙂

Eiffel Tower Notebook : I want this. I always look this when I’ll go to National Bookstore but I failed. I can’t find one 😐

Custom Art Shoes : All I need is a plain white shoes and a Php600 for the labor. I want a spongebob customize shoe. I want. I want. I want badly.

I’m officially enrolled for this coming second semester 2010-2011. The picture above stated my schedule.


It’s our first time to make our schedule. We’re a little bit confused on how to make it. After an hour or two hours, we’ve decided our schedule – we mostly stick to Z11 or one of the Schedule of the Civil Engineering Students; We also do the “engineering-course-hopping”, it’s like an Island Hopping! Haha. We didn’t focus on Civil Engineering only, we also get some schedule from other engineering courses – to explore, to meet new friends, are just few of our reason why we do this.


Geez. I’m hoping with this engineering-course-hopping, I and my crush will be classmate. Oh wait~ My friend just said to me that my crush and I have two same subjects. I was so happy hearing this news! 🙂


K, I’ll surely miss the bondings of my first semester blockmates or my Z6 C.E-lites. And this coming semester, I’m superb excited!

While strolling at the mall this afternoon, I told my Mom I want to buy a manicure. We saw a stall selling it. I was astonished; She bought me 4 light colors manicure! And you know what? Each manicure cost 99.00 pesos. So, what’s on her mind? :O I think she didn’t regret it, until now she loves the color she chose 🙂

Today is the birthday of my grandmother. We went to SM City Cebu to spend her day. Around 12:00 noon, we arrived there with hungry stomachs. Mom decided that we’re going to eat at Cabalena, an eat all you can restaurant.

One of my favorite foods there is the marshmallow with melted chocolate. Ohh~ The melted chocolate is so yummy! I put my dish with lots of melted chocolate and a 3 pieces of marshmallow. Dear, until now, I want more! :O I want to go there again..


I have nothing to do in facebook and I always click the “Older Post”. And then, I saw a picture; It fascinates me! It’s a collection of colorful bags {as seen in the picture} I PM directly the owner and ask for the prize because I’m planning to buy one. Ohh gawwwd~ it’s damn expensive! It cost : 1,300 Pesos plus 100 shipping fee.I don’t have enough money; I have only 1,000 Pesos but I’ll use this for a very important matter. Where can I get money rn?

I want to be a Billionaire. So freaking bad! ;|

It was a celebration for the board exam passers from the Bolo’s Clan. We eat, dance, sing, drunk and of course, a camera whore! It was  really, really a blast celebration with my cousins! 😉

This is an Online Diary made by Karr. 7-teen years breathing. An amateur Civil Engineering student of Cebu Institute of Technology - University. A Typical Frank and Joker earthling that lives somewhere in the Queen City of the South - Cebu!

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