I bought the book last November 20 and started reading it the next day. This book is special for me, ‘cause it’s the first book that I bought in National Bookstore. Last November 26, evening, I finished reading all thirty-seven chapters of this book. I almost read it at the bus – going to my school; vice versa. I also read it when I’m at home after surfing the internet or I have nothing to do. I’m happy after reading it ‘cause of its witty story. While reading, I’ll really guess the next scenarios – when it’ll happen, I’ll just smile but when my guess is wrong, I’ll just laugh and continue reading. That’s me when I read something, creating stories; Imaginations are forming in my minds when I read.

First, I have really no idea what it is all about. In my mind, one thing I know is that the brother of Charlie died. That’s all. I don’t even know how he died. Oops! I don’t have to spoon-feed you. You have to read the book to find out the story 🙂

This book made me realize that I should be thankful for having a loving-evil sister. She helps me when I have problems in school. She’ll defend me if someone will bully me. And many more, that’s why I love her for being lovable to me. She’s an evil sister also. But how evil she is, I still love her.

After reading the story, I’m thankful that I bought it. No regrets! There’s a moral lesson you will learn. So, I’m planning to buy a new book again. Either Dear John or the other one that I forgot the title. Maybe books by Nicholas Sparks. And I hope, I’ll learn lessons from the it.