I’m officially enrolled for this coming second semester 2010-2011. The picture above stated my schedule.


It’s our first time to make our schedule. We’re a little bit confused on how to make it. After an hour or two hours, we’ve decided our schedule – we mostly stick to Z11 or one of the Schedule of the Civil Engineering Students; We also do the “engineering-course-hopping”, it’s like an Island Hopping! Haha. We didn’t focus on Civil Engineering only, we also get some schedule from other engineering courses – to explore, to meet new friends, are just few of our reason why we do this.


Geez. I’m hoping with this engineering-course-hopping, I and my crush will be classmate. Oh wait~ My friend just said to me that my crush and I have two same subjects. I was so happy hearing this news! 🙂


K, I’ll surely miss the bondings of my first semester blockmates or my Z6 C.E-lites. And this coming semester, I’m superb excited!